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Indiana Recreational Gold Prospector  
by Mark Bender

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 KNIFE! from Salt Creek

Weather Radar from NOAA

Bigfoot Sighted !!!

Mark in Owen-Putnam State Forest - 2016

Spring Flowers in Indiana

GPAA Central Indiana Chapter Information Page
Southern Indiana Gold Prospectors Home Page

Stream Conditions in Indiana

 Click for Indianapolis, Indiana Forecast

    Chuck's Lassiter's Book - Midwest
and Glacial Gold
Chucks New Book - Check it out! 

Cool Tool! Chucks
Dredging Nozzle provides its own water.

  "How to" Stuff  from the Internet - Check out my battery powered highbanker

Old mine...

California Prospectors...

Nome Dredge photo taken around 1950 by Mark's Dad

Chicken AK Gold
California Gold !!!

Chicken Creek Saloon
Mark at Chicken Creek Saloon


Updated Dec 2015